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Affordable Tree Service Orange County

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming & Tree Cutting Services in Orange County, CA. 

We proudly bring a crew of over 10 years’ experience to every task and get it done safely & dependably. We price quote a fair cost based upon the work required to do the job properly. We have a complete variety of tree care services including;

  • Tree Removal (We can deal with tough jobs):
  • Qualified Arborist.
  • Tree Trimming & Cutting.
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Palm Tree Maintenance
  • Stump Removal & Cutting.
  • Fruit Tree Pruning.
  • Tree Doctor (Disease, Parasite Prevention & Remedy).
  • Tree Pruning.
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Situation Brush & Storm Damage Removal.
  • And always Free Quote
We also provide the best tree services in Cerritos, Yorba Linda, Anaheim and all neighboring areas, so might wanna check it out as well.

Orange County Tree Care

Emergency Tree Removal Service.

We are extremely fast to react to an emergency situation after storm damage or some other act of God.

As a local tree removal company who always puts out customers first, we take calls all year around to quickly come get that tree out of the way! Our super fast service has actually impressed our customers over the course of several years now, and our customers are our biggest source of new customers.  We take emergency situations as our chance to separate our service from our local competition.

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Wester Hord
Wester Hord
We had a remarkable experience with Seppo's Fullerton Tree Service. I obtained exceptional service from these people. From the get go they were honest as well as communicative with their abilities. They removed 4 palm trees and clean the branches. I will likely employ them to do the rest of my landscape design. Thank you for the services!
Woolf Chappel
Woolf Chappel
All I can say is, AMAZING! From start to finish Seppo's Fullerton Tree Service was doing great. From estimating how long it will take to do the job to the actual work, I was really impressed. I was never forced to choose them because I also consider other company before picking them. And while the price was slightly higher than others I chose them based on their rating and reviews. I do not have any regrets. It was worth every cent that I spent. They were punctual and really hardworking for 12 hours with little to no breaks. The crew worked professionally and constantly cutting the tree and cleaning up the area. Please don’t hesitate to call them if you need any tree service. They are worth the price and trust. Highly recommended!

” A huge storm came in, knocked down our huge oak tree right in front of the garage trapping our cars in.

The owner was extremely polite and came within a few hours and their team quickly cleared the course for our vehicles to leave so we could make it to our daughter’s soccer game.

I’m really pleased & grateful for their fantastic caring service.”

Baz B. (Fullerton, CA)

” We had a huge reception event planned that required our yard, but a big storm rolled in the night prior to and knocked a number of trees into the backyard, canceling was something we had to consider until we called Orange County Tree Service and they had the ability to clear their schedule to provide us with an emergency tree removal beginning at 8 am. Needless to say, they removed all the brush & fallen trees in a couple of hours. I can’t thank them enough for being so thoughtful of our circumstance & requirements, we were able to have a wonderful day as planned.”

Max. Mc. ( Fullerton, CA)


Orange County’s Most Experienced Tree Team: As the very best Tree Services Company in Orange County, our labor force has an outstanding work ethic. All of our team members are experienced in professional tree cutting service & removal. We take our tasks very seriously, to guarantee quality, safe tree cut & removal. We take on tasks other business leave.

Fullerton and OC’s Best Prices: We give complimentary price quotes to all. We will not low ball bid for the sake of it, and always make sure that we estimate fairly based on the work required to do the job properly & securely. Feel confident, we build our reputation on budget friendly tree work that doesn’t break the bank.


Orange County’s Most Ethical & Professional Tree Service: It is necessary for us to treat our clients well and provide the very best tree service they should have. The owner of this business has more than 25 years’ experience serving the Greater Orange County location and puts his reputation on the line for each task. We take care of our consumers like they’re our own household.

We value your time: Once we begin the task, we finish it in a timely way. We do not drag our feet when trees need to be gotten rid of, and we’re not here to waste any of your time. We take pride in this company as Tree Removal Professionals that is extremely competent in our service; we want to impress you by how smoothly the work gets done.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded: This means the property owner is protected from any liability ought an accident take place. We train our crew on strict safety standards, & we do whatever it takes to safeguard your property and our personnel, even if it means generating more equipment for a job.

Bonded and Insured

Cheap Tree Removal & Trimming

Home & Commercial

” When a freak storm occurred and knocked a bunch of branches into the yard where my daughter was having a wedding event that day, it was a huge problem. Every company in Fullerton was scheduled 2 weeks out. So too was this company, but the owner made modifications to their schedule to help us out. Wedding happened as we had intended and we are so happy that we tell everybody about this business now. Thank you guys so much”

Jenn B.D. (La Mirda, CA)

” I have resided in Fullerton for over 15 years and have used numerous tree care companies in, however now I simply call Seppo’s each time because not just are their rates really reasonable but they work fast and clean up after themselves.” 

Louie B. (Anaheim, CA)

Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Orange County

We have deep understanding of the ecology of trees and how appropriate fruit tree pruning or upkeep trimming on young growing trees can in fact yield more fruits and grow into a more structurally sound tree with great stability. We have the appropriate equipment and professional tree trimmers to take off, even, the most challenging branches.

Stump Grinding Removal By Orange County Tree Service

Stumps can be unpleasant if left in your lawn and can bring in infestation, parasites & fungi, which can transfer to other trees close by. If you have little children that play in the yard, it’s also a possible hazard. Our high-end Stump Removal makers will do the job quickly so you can get grass to grow back in like it never even occurred. The grindings are a great source of compost product, however, if necessary, we can remove these particles.

Root Barrier/ Cabling & Bracing

To help prevent structure issues, we preform a treatment called root barrier. This is the procedure by which we develop a trench that is 1 foot wide and 3 feet deep in order to position the root barrier chemical to prevent trees from going under your houses. The chemical helps “numb” the roots of the tree so that they do not develop foundation issues in your home.

Cabling & Bracing

When the tree is growing apart or seems like it is leaning, the majority of the time, it can be fixed with cables! Every situation is different, so fortunately if you ever need a quote on what is best for your tree, our price quotes are free of charge.

Tree Planting

We provide tree planting with a 1 year service warranty on the tree or trees. We will unroot the tree for you, transfer the tree to where you require it planted and prepare the tree where you would like it. Rates might differ depending on the type of tree, so feel totally free to call for more info and your measurements.

Lot and Land Clearing

Are you looking for some assistance to clear space so construction or some other pre-planned activity can take place?
At Orange County Tree Service, we provide a reputable lot and land clearing service for all of Orange County. We use equipment and specialist strategies that will not harm your trees that you wish to remain on your lot or land.
Contact us today to see how we can be a part of making your project run smoothly!

Tree Health

Your trees are the most essential financial investment you have on your landscape. It’s vital that you maintain them with appropriate doctoring to safeguard them from tree disease in Orange County. 

Orange County Tree service takes the healthy technique to maintaining your tree health. It’s important that your tree doctor that is state certified with the proper training to come see you at your company or home, to offer you expert tree suggestions.

When it comes to safeguarding your trees from disease, our doctors are state licensed and have the track record and experience that you need. It’s important to call someone with a relied on name. Orange County Tree Service has actually stayed in business right back since 1998 and takes pride in the reality that we can not just take care of your trees but avoid future tree disease.

Tree Thinning

This involves removing a little of the top of your tree. It will help take the weight off your trees and help wind from hurricanes, tornadoes or high winds blow through it easier. Tree thinning will likewise help reduce the possibility of them falling over during high winds. And thinning assists promote more sunshine and keep larger limbs more powerful by getting all the nutrients your tree is producing.

Tree Shaping

This is where we round over your tree or make it equally proportioned and shaped. Tree shaping requires a remarkable amount of understanding in tree cutting and tree care, so that the tree is not hurt in the shaping process. You can trust that Orange County Tree Service has the experience and understanding to do this.

Free Quotes, No Commitment
No pressure, we’ll come to your house and offer you a precise, reasonable quote based on 20 years of experience to do the task securely & efficiently. We provide you a detailed description on the breakdown of our cost so that every customer feels comfortable knowing that they are handling a company with integrity. You might be happily surprised that our tree removal cost is extremely cost effective for you.

”We had a massive tree resting against the side of our house.  Seppo and another team member came out and cut the massive trunk within an hour. No damage to the house! Really awesome job”




What is the difference between tree trimming and pruning?

Pruning is used to get rid of unneeded branches. Trimming, on the other hand, promotes healthy growth. Both services are performed at different times of the year, utilizing vastly different tools, to provide a better aesthetic and much healthier landscape.

What's the average cost for tree trimming?

Size of Tree & National Average Tree Trimming Cost.

Shorter than 30 feet.
$ 75 to $450.

In between 30 and 60 feet.
$ 150 to $875.

Taller than 60 feet.
$ 200 to $1,000.

Why Should You Hire a Tree Service Company with Great Equipment?

Our Equipment.
Why Should You Hire a Tree Service with Great Equipment?

To start with, having sturdy equipment will get your tree task done a lot more quickly, allowing you to return to your other concerns, including enjoying your improved landscape! Obsolete equipment is far slower, however poorly maintained equipment can totally stall your tree task. I have actually seen tree equipment stranded on customer property for days while a service technician orders parts that should’ve been changed months prior.

Secondly, the attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship that a tree company gives to their equipment is most likely to be similar to how they look after their consumers, for better or for worse. It likewise shows duty, or lack thereof. If a contractor is not making the ideal choice to secure his own income-generating property, what makes you believe he will appreciate yours?

Low Impact
Finally, we have deliberately purchased equipment that will have a lower influence on your yard than what our competitors typically use. For instance, on really loose ground, we utilize our high-grade T300 Bobcat which will not get stuck and has no wheels to spin. Alternatively, on well-manicured turf, we prefer to use our Kubota 520S whose flotation tires and articulating front end will have a lower impact on your lawn as it brings heavy logs.

Unlike any other tree service we understand of, our whole fleet of large trucks is equipped with All Wheel Drive. Because of this, your lawn will not be yet another casualty of tree trucks spinning their wheels and getting stuck. This function costs us countless dollars per truck, however saves you the damage and hold-up that many others deal with.

Less Waste Through Maximum Wood Recycling.
We utilize the biggest wood chippers produced for property tree care. Or if you ‘d choose we can haul them off and provide them to other clients on our long wood chip list.

Best Rates Around

Free Estimates


Insured, Bonded

5 Stars 


”Our front yard tree was. hanging over the middle of the road. Seppo and his team came the very next day and trimmed it right back. The tree looks healthier now. “


Man Up Cutting Down A Tree

Local Orange County CA Tree Service and Tree Removal

Our original owners, in addition to everybody on team were born and raised here in Orange County and the surrounding areas around Orange County and pride ourselves on that reality. 

We love where we are from and like to give back as much as we can. Our goal is to offer the most popular and reliable local tree removal services in Orange County.

We also happily provide our tree removal, trimming & cutting, and stump removal service to locations surrounding Orange County consisting of Anaheim, La Habra, Chino Hills and the rest of Orange County. 

Give us a call today for a totally free price quote and the best and most cost effective tree service in all of Orange County !!

Mission Statement.
To provide the best tree services in Fullerton and Orange County and always do it with respect and with a smile.  

We are growing every year, adding new equipment, adding more highly knowledgeable and skilled personnel, acquiring tree doctors and arborist, and growing in profits and positive reviews every year. We are feeling extremely optimistic about the future and where we are headed. We are driven & very inspired people that want to reach new levels of success with fantastic service and company brand name. 

”I had three other local tree care companies quote on removing two large stumps. Your quote was about 20% less and you guys did an awesome job.”


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