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Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is a method used to grind down stumps until they’re level with the earth. Top soil is then used to cover what remains of the stump, to better blend the area into the landscape around it.

The most important tool for this job is a large piece of equipment known as a stump grinder. This specialized tool is very similar to an open-faced lawn mower with a large saw at the end, used to grind down the stump.

The cost of stump grinding services is typically much cheaper than stump removal services, because it doesn’t involve any digging, cutting of any roots, or having to haul away the trunk. Grinding down stumps becomes impossible if there is any building development going on in the immediate area of the stump.

Full Stump Removals

With full stump removal, what remains of the tree must be pulled out of the ground, and remaining roots destroyed before the stump can be removed. Full stump removals are much more labor intensive, especially when the stump must be hauled away after extraction.

Stump removal can get even more expensive when other issues arise, like rocky soil, wood hardness, and even tree location with respect to surrounding structures and stump diameter.

Whichever option you choose, Seppo’s Fullerton Tree Service offers competitive pricing, while keeping quality and safety at the highest level possible. We offer our services for all kinds of trees including, but not limited to, Texas umbrella, Brazilian pepper, fir pine, and even the great California redwood!

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How much does stump removal cost?

In 2013, the average cost for stump grinding was between $82.55 and $139.75. The most important price factors include how hard the wood is and the total circumference of the stump. Stump removal requires that the tree’s root system will also be removed to inhibit regrowth, which typically means the cost is around $500 to $600.

How much does stump grinding cost?

When stump grinding, only the visible part of the stump is removed from your yard leaving the root system intact. As compared to stump removal, stump grinding is faster, less invasive, and typically less expensive.

Stump grinding, on average, cost about $275 to $600. Stumps that hit or exceed 20 inches in total diameter are typically issue prone, and have to be removed. The grinding of a new 20-inch stump in an average access area will usually cost about $400, but the price depends on topography, tree species, and other factors.

Stump Grinding

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