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Arborists use a technique in which they utilize cables to stabilize the structure of tree when it becomes incapable of supporting its own weight, called tree cabling.

Cabling is only a good technique for healthy growing trees, and cannot be used to keep dying trees together.

Cabling helps oddly shaped trees with their structural integrity, especially during times of high winds or even storms.

Tree Cabling

What is the purpose of tree cabling?

Strategic pruning is usually enough to deal with structural issues, but if not caught early enough some trees will require cabling or bracing to help with their structural issues.

These support systems are typically used to prevent issues down the road, when structural issues are seen during a routine inspection. Typically, these systems help reduce any chance of those issues causing damage to either people or property.

These same support systems can also be used as a restoration method for some trees that may have been damaged due to a storm, construction work, or even severe temperatures. It allows to maintain what’s remaining of a healthy tree while also protecting it from future damage.

Lastly, they can also be used to help mitigate any risk to trees that reside in areas where they cause serious damage to people or property if something were to cause the tree to fall.

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What is tree bracing?

Bracing is typically done closer to the union point of a branch to its trunk. First, it must be determined the number and size of the rods that will be used in order to properly support the weight of the stressed branches. If the separation is significant, another tensioning device may be used in order to close up the crack.

Next, 1/16-inch holes or smaller will be drilled through the whole trunk, in order to install the rods and make sure there is tight fit. Threaded rods are then placed through the trunk and secured with washers and nuts. More often than not, cabling and bracing are done in conjunction.

Tree Bracing

How much does tree cabling cost?

Tree cabling and bracing varies in cost depending on the situation. We offer competitive pricing for Tree cabling in Fullerton, and surrounding areas and specialize in all kinds of trees. Whether it’s your plum tree or your giant sequoia, give us a call to set up an appointment and have one of our professionals come and assess your tree situation today.

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